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The banking and financial sector is inseparable from the overall growth of the economy of a country. The catalytic role played by banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh in mobilizing savings, facilitating investment and promoting trade and commerce, has been quite significant. These institutions have also emerged as important instruments in the implementation of the government’s monetary policy and various development programs.

The Banking Almanac, is an important publication of its type, compiling information and data on the banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh. The compilation will be useful for all those looking for comparable details on institutional setup, spatial coverage, capital base, product range and CSR activities, among others, of these institutions. The publication of the Almanac 2017 has been supported by the Bangladesh Bank and overseen by a Board of Editors consisting of specialists in the sector, economists, academics and eminent researchers.

Foreword by the Chairman,
Board of Editors

saleh-uddin-ahamed Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Former Governor; Bangladesh Bank

Banks and Financial Institutions occupy a very important place in our national economy. Among the many factors significantly contributing to the growth and development of Bangladesh ever since her independence in 1971, the contribution of our Banks and Financial Institutions has been no less significant. Our growing banking and financial sector has not only contributed to the promotion of trade, commerce and investment of a myriad nature but they were also very important in helping Bangladesh make substantial progress in integrating our national economy with international economic opportunities. Our banks and financial institutions are also playing a substantial role in implementing the country’s monetary policy under the direct guidance of the country’s central bank. The number of our banks and financial institutions has increased manifold over the last four decades as has their spatial coverage and product range. Understandably, there is a great interest in the public domain, academia, policy making level and at the level of customers both existing and potential, to know more about our banks, their strength, performance and all aspects of operational modalities.

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A Few Words from the Project Director

Abdar Rahman Project Director
1. Background

Finally the book Banking Almanac: Banks and Financial Institutions of Bangladesh-2016 has been published. I believe this is the first book on Bangladesh’s Banking and Finance sector. This is one of the valuable additions in maintaining information and data flow among the local and global people of this sector.

Our idea on Banking Almanac is much older that was initiated in 2005 and implemented in 2016, eleven years in between already

passed. Although there was very specific project proposal including implementation framework on Banking Almanac but it was delayed due to lack of funding.

My little initiative to publish this book has been successful with the assistance and encouragements of many scholars and distinguished personalities of this sector. The members of the Board of Editors are very much renowned in their respective professions. The Editorial Members are Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Chairman, Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman, Professor Khair Jahan Sogra, Md. Nazrul Huda, Mohammed Nurul Amin, Ambassador (rtd) Liaquat Ali Choudhury, Mohammad Amanullah and Mominul Islam. Read More



Syed Muhbubur Rahman

I am delighted to have the opportunity to send my best wishes on the occasion of publishing Banking Almanac for the second time. I, on behalf of Association of Bankers, Bangladesh Limited (ABB) want to extend our felicitations on this grand occasion; and our thanks for incorporating the data of Banking Industry, which will immensely help in many moves for the betterment of Financial Sector of the country. Read More


Md. Khalilur Rahman

I am pleased to learn that Banking Almanac: Banks and Financial Institutions of Bangladesh 2017 is going to be published by the Weekly ShikkhaBichitra for the second time in Bangladesh. Detailed Information relating to products and services offered by banks and financial institutions were not duly focused in a consolidated and comparative form earlier. Against this backdrop, publication of Banking Almanac is a milestone and will usher in more editions in the future. Read More

Banking Almanac: Banks and Financial Institutions of Bangladesh 2016, published by Abdar Rahman,
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