Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Former Governor; Bangladesh Bank

Foreword by the Chairman, Board of Editors

Banks and Financial Institutions have been contributing to our trade, commerce, investment, growth and development in national, regional and international contexts. In South Asia, we have been exposed to the experience of functioning modern banking and financial institutions, in varying degrees, over a very long period of time, dating back to British Colonial Rule. In the post partition period, part of South Asia which now constitutes independent Bangladesh, saw new banks and financial institutions emerging in our economic landscape. But it is only after our independence in 1971 that, modern banking and financial sector has had its most phenomenal growth in Bangladesh. Not only the numbers of such banks and financial institutions have increased many fold, their spatial coverage, financial products variety and overall contribution to the national economy have undergone significant changes.

It has long been felt that the data and information on the banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh should be available in a consolidated form, both for practitioners and general users. The compilation of relevant information and data on the sector is required to generate confidence of people and enable them to compare services. Unfortunately, though much needed, no such compilation is presently available.

The first edition of the Banking Almanac on Bangladesh incorporates all relevant data and information on banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh. The volume with all its detailed contents, it is hoped, will be useful for bank and financial institutions, commercial entities, research institutions, academia, professionals and individual services seekers.

The compilation work on the volume was supervised by an Editorial Board comprising leading professionals and has mostly been based on extensive use of available published material and data and information collected from concerned banks and financial institutions. Bangladesh Bank has provided valuable support and financial assistance for the work.

I would like to thank the Bangladesh Bank, the members of the Editorial Board, all the banks and financial institutions which helped with data and information. The core group of research assistants, who undertook the arduous and time consuming work of data collection, also deserves our thanks. I would like to acknowledge the support extended by Dr. Atiur Rahman, former Governor, Bangladesh Bank. The cooparation extended by Mr. S.K. Sur Chowdhury, Deputy Governor and Mr. Manoj Kumar Biswas, General Manager, Sustainable Finance Department, Bangladesh Bank is gratefully acknowledged. We thank the commercial banks and financial institutions who have provided some financial assistance in publishing the Almanac.

The idea of a Banking Almanac initially came from Mr. Abdar Rahman of ShikkhaBichitra. He convinced others and assembled the members of the Editorial Board to help him. The staff of his publishing firm and others who have been engaged solely for his work have done a good job. Mr. Abdar Rahman and his team deserve special thanks for their efforts.

Collecting data and information and compiling these are not an easy task in Bangladesh, especially when sources are limited, often restricted to get access and when periodicity, quality of data are not uniform. This being the first Almanac of this type, there is definitely scope for its further improvement. The Editorial Board will certainly look forward to suggestions for improvements in its future editions.

Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed
Board of Editors
Banking Almanac

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