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Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971 after a momentous war of liberation. During more than four decades of independent existence of Bangladesh, the economy of the country has undergone significant transformation. From a predominantly agrarian economy, Bangladesh economy has become more diversified with industrial and services sectors also contributing significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). During the early days of Bangladesh, financial sector of the country was also relatively underdeveloped. However, with the steady growth in the country’s economy not only the number of banks and financial institutions have increased significantly but their nature of work and coverage have also undergone profound changes. These institutions today are contributing significantly to generation of savings, investment, trade, commerce and realization of myriad other objectives. The banks and other financial institutions have also become an important instrument in effectively pursuing the growth enhancing monetary policy of the country equally focused on containing inflation and financial inclusion.

It has long been recognized that the positive role of banking and financial institutions in Bangladesh can be consolidated and further enhanced by ensuring general confidence in these institutions. It has also been recognized that the manner in which they are organized, capitalized and operated with customer and client interest as a foremost priority are also equally important. To ensure transparency and accountability, availability of relevant data and information on banks and financial institutions in the public domain is a vital pre-requisite. In Bangladesh, all banks and financial institutions make information and data available in one form or the other to fulfill mandatory requirements. However, no single publication is available in the country which provides such information on all the banks and financial institutions to meet a genuine need in this regard. Compiling such information and data in one single publication can not only help all those who are interested to know about our banks and financial institutions but also help access such information without much difficulty and be able to compare these information and know about the vast range of new banking and financial products that these institutions provide.

The work on the Banking Almanac of Bangladesh was undertaken with the active support from the Bangladesh Bank to compile all relevant and important information and data on the banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh which can meet the long felt need for such a publication. It has been the conscious endeavour in compiling the Almanac to present in one publication the data and information in precise, well structured manner on organizational information, capital structure, branch details, product and services related information and CSR activities of banks and financial institutions. A dedicated team under the guidance of an Editorial Board and Project Implementation Committee undertook the onerous responsibility of planning, data and information collection and compilation of the Almanac. Generous financial support from the Bangladesh Bank greatly helped the work on the Almanac as also the help and assistance of the banks and financial institutions. Their help and assistance are gratefully acknowledged. The work on the Almanac is not a one-shot exercise. This is a maiden work and it will be updated regularly at appropriate intervals incorporating latest and new data keeping in view the need of the time. Any suggestions for improvements in the future editions of the Banking Almanac will be deeply appreciated.

ShikkhaBichita : At A Glance

The Weekly  Shikkhabichitra is a major weekly tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh, published from  Dhaka in the Bengali language.  It is the first education specialized weekly  tabloid  in Bangladesh. The  ShikkhaBichitra started its journey  in 1993. It was first published as a monthly in 1993 and since 2007 was operated  as a weekly newspaper. It has also  an online portal: www.shikkhabichitra.com. Readers can visit the  online portal to read the weekly. The office of ShikkhaBichita is located at 196/3 Shantibag (2nd floor) , Dhaka 1217.


The ShikkhaBichitra is the national  weekly newspaper that deals education,  human resource, and socio-economic development in true sence. The ShikkhaBichitra is the education expansion career development assisting weekly. ShakkhaBichitra is  containing  news of current affairs, articles, features, interviews. It covers local, national and international current  affairs, education, literature, health, human  resource,  sports, ,agriculture, organization, society, socio-economic development issues.


Sister Concern of ShikkhaBichitra

ShikkhaBichitra has the following  sister concerns:

  1. Banking Almanac: Banks and financial Institutes  of Bangladesh—2016 ,supported by  Bangladesh Bank,  is a  compilation and publication of  ShikkhaBichitra. The book is  the first important publication  of its type , compiling  information and data on the banks and non-bank financial institutes of Bangladesh . The book has been  published under the guidance of the Editorial  Board  consisting  of specialists in the banking sector, economists,  and  eminent researchers.  Dr.  Salehuddin  Ahmed , Former Governor of Bangladesh Bank, is the Chairman of  the Editorial Board.
  2. Health Exclusive: Health Exclusive is a periodical  publication of ShikkhaBichitra, publish on health issues.
  3. Krishi Exclusive: This is also an exclusive publication of ShikkhaBichitra, publish on agriculture and development issue.
  4. Book Publishing and Book Development: Book publishing and book development  is also an important section of Shikkhabichitra – professionally  assess writers  manuscript or book  concept  for its publishing potential.   ShikkhaBichitra  has exetensive skill all aspects of book development process. After a work is contracted,   ShikkhaBichitra is responsible for projecting  a completion timeline and holding other team members  accountable to it. This include managing the editors, who correct   grammatical and content errors in the work as well as  the layout designers,  computer typesetters , artists, printers, marketing experts and so on.
  5. Events and Awareness Raising : ShikkhBichitra has an event management and awareness raising unit. Various socio-economical, cultural , branding and promotional events, roundtable conferences, seminars,  publication ceremony,  award giving programs and many more are being held under the supervision of this unit.


Editor of the  ShikkhaBichitra

Abdar Rahman is the editor, and publisher of ShikkhaBichitra. He is also a  development activist, author and book development  editor. Abdar Rahman , Project  Director and publisher of the Banking Almanac, , has 26 years experience in  book development and book publishing. He was the editor  of the University Press  Limited (UPL)—internationally reputed national publishing house of Bangladesh.   He has published and produced  more than 1500 ( titles) books, monographs , journals and magazines. Reputed research organizations like Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC), Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) , Unnayan Samunnay are   honorable clients of ShikkhaBichitra.  Mr. Abdar Rahman ,former Chairman , Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh(FNB)- Dhaka District, is also  founder Chairman of Association for Rural  Development and Studies (ARDS), a non-government development organization of Bangladesh.

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